Winter is DONE. Well, at least we think it’s done. Wisconsin winters always seem to stick around for an unwanted extended period of time, just like distant relatives. Whether spring decides to show up or not, it’s always a perfect time for spring carpet cleaning. Your carpeting is a brillo pad of dust, hair, mold, and other allergens, egging on that continuous sneeze you’ve had for the past two weeks. We at AMS Carpet Cleaning are ready to tackle allergy grime at the source, providing the remedy for resident colds.

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  1. 4 signs you need your residential and commercial spring carpets cleaned You notice the carpeting was once a lighter shade. Dirt and grime from everyday usage seeps into the fiber crevices. These hard-to-reach places require professional, deep carpet cleaning services, steam cleaning allergens out of your home.
  2. The carpeting feels saturated or ‘heavy’. This damp and dank feeling can eventually cause mold within your carpet fibers. With the heat cranked during our chilly Wisconsin winters, it provides the perfect breeding ground for mildew. Freshen up your carpeting and home with our cleaning and deodorizing services.
  3. You can’t stop sneezing or sniffling. The main problem is your carpets trapping pet hair, dander, dust mites, hair, and other pollutants. Horrendous amounts of such waste causes colds and sickness, preventing your family from staying healthy. AMS Carpet Cleaning offers steam cleaning services, using hot temperatures to permanently kill off bullying bacteria.
  4. It’s been about 2 years since you had your carpets professionally cleaned. You are way past-due for a cleaning. We recommend you have your carpeting cleaned every 6-12 months, eliminating every opportunity for filth to accumulate, especially in high-traffic areas. Pets and children are dirt-magnets, so be extra diligent about maintaining your carpets. We offer the Stay Clean Maintenance Program, a convenient way to have your carpet cleaned without scheduling an appointment every 6 months.

Wisconsin Residential Carpet Cleaning for a Healthy Home

Whether you enjoy spring cleaning, or loathe the work, let AMS take care of your carpet deep cleaning needs. Our friendly and prompt cleaning technicians take pride in the quality of our services, offering a wide variety of sanitation and deodorizing options. Start your spring cleaning regimen on the right foot.

Contact our carpet-maintenance experts to start your spring cleaning today.
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